"(...) it could change everything for someone."

Am I the only one who see pictures and wonder, what’s the story behind it? If there’s a story? Would it be a good story? But in the end, the story doesn’t matter because you made your own? There are so so many questions and all are open.

This picture is so easy. There are some teeth lying on a pastel background. A pink one. A pink pastel background. The picture looks so perfect. The space between the teeth is “on fleek”. I don’t like the words “on fleek”, but no words would describe the space better than “on fleek”. ON FLEEK. Still hate those words. Okay, let’s say the space between the teeth is just perfect. Why didn’t someone make a mess? This would be my first question. The second is: if someone would like to take a picture of teeth… why so clean? Teeth are not clean. Are teeth clean? Never. Maybe they are not real ones. Maybe they are prostheses? But why? What do you think about that? Real or not real? I think they’re real. Did you recognize that I love short sentences? Now you do. So the background is pastel and pink. How long did it take to decide what background would be that clean and easy looking? Didn’t you think pastel blue would be more like that? At the dentist, at the hospital all we see is blue. And of course pastel blue. So this let us think this baby blue is clean and disinfectant, no? But the stranger decided to take pink instead. That’s okay for me, I like the colour and this makes me feel calm and comfortable. And my favourite colour is white. White is no colour, but it is still my favourite one. Don’t care. Those two colours harmonize.
40. 40 teeth on one picture. But from where? Who owns these teeth? Did someone loose it? Is there anyone without teeth yet? I don’t think so. What if the stranger who took the photo is a dentist? Or an archaeologist? Or they are baby teeth. They look a bit like baby teeth. But it’s my story, so I don’t like the thought of it. Maybe the stranger has beaten out someone’s teeth. There was pain and blood. Okay, I think it doesn’t matter how the teeth came out of the mouth – there was pain and there was blood. Is the photographer the one who got the idea for this picture? Is it the same person or was there someone who walked to a photographer (of course the photographer really likes grunge pictures. That’s a requirement!) and said: “hey, I have an idea. It is on my mind and I see teeth. Clean, white teeth lying on a background. Maybe a pastel pink background. Or a pastel blue? I have to think about that. I need 40 teeth. I don’t know from how, but I need ‘em. There must be a perfect space between the teeth. THIS SPACE HAD TO BE ON FLEEK. If not…it could change everything. It could change everything for someone.”


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